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Nantucket District Court, Nantucket County, Massachusetts

Street Address:
Nantucket District Court
Town and Country Building, 2nd Floor, 16 Broad Street
Nantucket, MA, 1

Mailing Address:
Nantucket District Court
P.O. Box 1800
Nantucket, MA, 1

Phone: (508)228-0460

Fax: (508)325-5759

Web Link: Nantucket District Court

Types of Cases:

  • Civil
  • 1.General Civil - Unlimited
  • 2.General Civil - Limited
  • 3.Small Claims
  • 4.Complex Commercial
  • 5.Foreclosures and Liens
  • 6.Real Estate Title and Boundary
  • 2.Criminal
  • 3.Mental Health

Judges: Joseph I. Macy (Presiding Justice), Deborah A. Dunn (Associate Justice)


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