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Court Types in Wyoming

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Wyoming is located in Cheyenne and as is the case in many other states, is the court of last resort. Save for the case of federal law, all decisions made by the Supreme Court are final. Almost all cases in the Supreme Court are appeals that come from District courts.

The decisions fall into several different categories. More often than not, the decisions follow previous cases or existing statutes, but when that is not the case, the Court itself must interpet statues. Sometimes, when the circumstance dictate that a law is no longer just, the Court may reject decisions made. In extreme cases, it may even find a particular law unconstitutional, whether it is citing the state or national one.

Five justices serve on the court for a length of eight ears. When their is an empty seat, the Judicial Nominating Commission submits a three nominees to the Governor, who then chooses an a name from the list. After serving one year, the justice must go through a ballot on the next election and if a majority rules that they are satisfactory, they may finish their term and go on to run again.


Must be a lawyer with nine years of experience in law and at least 30 years of age.

Must be a United States citizen with residence in Wyoming for at least three years.

All justices must retire when they turn seventy.

Counties in Wyoming