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Town Court Listings Wiki:Current events

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Town Court Listing Wiki History

December 2011

  • Town Court Listing Wiki is launched!

February 2012

  • Well, we are proud to say that traffic to our site has significantly increased due to our Wiki. Just reached a major milestone of 50,000 unique visitors/month. And expect to reach 100,000/month in a couple of months. Stay tuned.

April 2016

  • After four years, we were due for an overhaul. Enjoy the new look and feel and visit us on mobile device to see the new mobile UI.

Speeding Tickets

  • Did you know that 34 MILLION Americans get speeding tickets every year? That number is astonishing. Especially during our tough economic times, police departments need to bring the money into the town's budget. Do you know that there are simple ways to get out of a speeding ticket. Read this great article from 2006 on Lifehacker [1] . It really works.