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Court Types in Oregon

The Oregon Supreme Court is the highest court in Oregon and only the United States Supreme Court. The Oregon Supreme Court Building is located in Salem, Oregon, close to the capitol building on State Street. This particular building was completed in 1914 and it is in the state's law library. The courtroom is used by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Currently, there are seven justices, which serve six-year terms upon election. If there is a vacancy, then the governor appoints a justice until the next election. Then, any applicant may run for the position and one justice is appointed to serve as the chief justice. The court’s Chief Justice is responsible for assigning cases to the other justices , but they are also the chief executive of the Oregon Judicial Department.

The court receives appeals from the Oregon Tax Court, the Oregon Court of Appeals, and other severe cases, such as death penalty appeals. Decisions are published in the Oregon Reporter.

Counties in Oregon