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Court Types in Kansas

Supreme Court

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is made up of seven justices, each of which is chosen by the governor, who selects the names from three individuals. When one year is spent in office, the justice must have their name submitted to the ballot. In the case of a majority rules that the justice can remain, they remain in office for six years and are subject to a retention vote at the end of each term.

The chief justice is the one who has served the longest continuous term, unless they refuse the position. The chief justice heads the administration support over the affairs of court.

Justices with the Supreme Court ordinarily do not conduct trials, but instead hear appealed cases. The court announces its decisions and then file them with the Office of the Clerk.


Chief Justice Lawton Nuss Justice Marla J. Luckert Justice Carol A. Beier Justice Eric S. Rosen Justice Lee A. Johnson Justice Dan Biles Justice Nancy Moritz


The Kansas Supreme Court 301 SW 10th Avenue Topeka Kansas 66612-1507

Counties in Kansas