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Justice of the Peace Court 17, Sussex County, Delaware

Street Address:
JP Court 17
23730 Shortly Road
Georgetown, DE, 19947

Mailing Address:
JP Court 17
23730 Shortly Road
Georgetown, DE, 19947

Phone: (302) 856-1447

Fax: (302) 856-4654

Web Link: Justice of the Peace Court 17

About this court:
Beginning on January 28, 2008, Justice of the Peace Court #17 operations will be moving temporarily to JP Court #19 in Seaford, which is located at 408 Stein Hwy, Seaford, DE 19973.  The current Court #17 mailing address, telephone number and fax number will be retained during the relocation.

Types of Cases:

  • Criminal misdemeanor cases as listed in 11 Del.C. ?º2702, and all criminal violations.
  • Limited jurisdiction for juvenile offenses.
  • Miscellaneous violations initiated by other state agencies.
  • Enumerated Alcoholic beverage violations.
  • Enumerated Fish and Wildlife violations.
  • Truancy cases.
  • Violations of the County Code and other ordinances of municipalities.
  • Most Title 21 offenses which do not involve physical injury or death.
  • Contractual disputes where the amount in controversy does not exceed $15,000.
  • Conduct initial appearances to set bond for all criminal offenses and conduct bond review hearings when requested

Judges: Sheila G. Blakely (Deputy Chief Magistrate, Court 3), Stephani Adams, William Boddy, III, Christopher A. Bradley, Jeni Coffelt, Richerd Comly, Edward Davis, Herman Hagan, William Hopkins, Jr., James Horn, John Hudson, John Martin, John McKenzie, Jane Mollohan, Howard Mulvaney, III, John O'Bier, Marcealeate Ruffin, Larry Sipple, William Wood


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