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Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court - DuPage County (Downers Grove), DuPage County, Illinois

Street Address:
Downers Grove Field Court
4000 Saratoga Avenue
Downers Grove, IL, 60515

Mailing Address:
Downers Grove Field Court
4000 Saratoga Avenue, American Legion Post 80
Downers Grove, IL, 60515

Phone: (630)407-8700

Fax: (630)407-8575

Web Link: Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court - DuPage County (Downers Grove)

Types of Cases:

  • All civil cases at law over $300.
  • Civil cases in equity.
  • Proceedings in habeas corpus.
  • Felonies and misdemeanors
  • Proceedings in quo warranto.
  • Prohibition and certiorari cases.
  • Appeals from magistrate court, municipal court, and administrative agencies, excluding workers?ÇÖ compensation appeals.
  • Proceedings in mandamus.
  • Appeals of family court decisions unless both parties agree to appeal directly to the Supreme Court of Appeals.

Judges: Circuit Judges: Robert J. Anderson (Resident), George J. Bakalis, Kathryn E. Creswell, Stephen J. Culliton (Chief Judge), Peter J. Dockery, John T. Elsner (Resident), Rodney W. Equi, Blanche Hill-Fawell, John J. Kinsella, Kenneth L. Popejoy, Thomas J. Riggs, Richard M. Stock, Perry R. Thompson, Hollis L. Webster, Bonnie M. Wheaton; Associate Judges: Kenneth A. Abraham, C. Stanley, Austin, Joseph S. Bongiorno, Liam C. brennan, Neal W. Cerne, Linda E. Davenport, John W. Demling, Brian J. Diamond, Thomas C. Dudgeon, Mark W. Dqyer, William I Gerguson, Dorothy F. French, Paul M. Fullerton, Daniel P. Guerin, Bruce R. Kelsey, Robert G. Kleeman, James J. Konetski, Patrick J. Leston, Timothy J. McJoynt, Brian R. McKillip, Jane H. Mitton, Mary E. O'Connor, Peter W. Ostling, Cary B. Pierce, Richard D. Russo, E.W. Sexton, Terence M. Sheen, George J. Sotos, Ronald D. Sutter, Karen M. Wilson

Prosecutors: Joseph E. Birkett

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